About Me

Thank you for taking the interest to learn more about me.  First things first. If you aren't sure how to say my name, congratulations, you are completely normal -- yes, you can tell your friends and family that a therapist said so. My husband (where the equally ambiguous sounding last name “Fraher” came from) still mumbles it and we’ve been happily married for almost 20 years -- well, the majority of that time anyway. He did eventually come up with

Ah, it’s like a SIGH-of-relief-LING!!”. Ding Ding Ding (which happens to be my maiden name). This revelation gave him peace of mind and I offer it here to you.

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As a therapist –


I received my Master of Science degree in Counseling with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy from California State University Fullerton in 2016. At graduation, I was honored with the “Excellence as a Counselor” award presented by the faculty of Counseling Department. I became licensed in May 2019, after accruing 3,000 training hours at OMID Multicultural Institute for Development. OMID is a community agency in Irvine California providing counseling and therapy services to a wide range of clients with various mental health related needs. I started my own private practice, Fraher Counseling, in 2019, and accepted the invitation to stay on as a faculty member at OMID providing training and consultation to pre-licensed therapists. 


Through therapy, I get to help brave souls turn suffering, sorrow, struggles and resignation to finding meaning, love, solutions, and motivations. Over the years I’ve spent with clients, I am amazed and inspired by their strengths, resiliency, and transformation. I take pride in my ability to create a safe, accepting, and encouraging environment and relationship in which clients heal, flourish and thrive.

As a person – 


I am relational. I am a daughter in mourning, a sister to 5 siblings, an imperfect wife, and a good-enough mother. Family is very important to me and family-related topics fascinate me. I have devoted much of my personal and professional pursuits to understanding family dynamics and their impact on the family members. As an immigrant, and someone in a bi-cultural marriage, I am familiar with negotiating value and cultural differences within the family.  In addition, after spending 20+ years each in Asia and the US, I am constantly intrigued by how the experiences shape me. I have become multilingual and multicultural, certainly.  But I've also seen how personal events & interactions that are seemingly unique are actually quite universal, transcending geographical, cultural, and language boundaries.  


I enjoy reading, writing and thinking. I am fascinated with anything and everything regarding human nature, relationships and psychology. I am a realistic optimist. I believe in being perfectly imperfect. I have a good (‘quirky’, so I’m told) sense of humor and it brings flexibility, creativity, and a sense of ease to me and those around me.  


Well, that’s me. I’m honored that you have taken the time to get to know me.  I look forward to having the privilege of getting to know you. Call, text, or e-mail.  I’m here. 


Make it a good mental health day,


Tsai-(of relief)-ling Fraher


(949) 988-0259



Family Conflict/Trauma

•       Healing from childhood injuries caused by inadequate protection and attachment.   

•       Learning to function and live healthier in a dysfunctional environment.

Family Conflict/Trauma

•       Healing from childhood injuries caused by inadequate protection and attachment.   

•       Learning to function and live healthier in a dysfunctional environment.

Couple issues

•      Improve communication and understanding. 

•      Recreate fondness, respect, and admirations. 

Life’s Transitions

•       Reorienting yourself to the new phase of your life.

•       Drawing on your strengths and coping skills for a successful transition.



•       Honoring the memories, regrets, sadness, and pain with your loss.

•       Forging a new path forward with the love and legacy of your loved one.