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Couples Session
Fancy Dance Shoes

Couples in a relationship or a marriage are like dance partners. When applying learned skills and being attuned to each other, the dancing is harmonious, graceful, enjoyable, seemingly effortless and fun. This satisfying experience builds trust and appreciation for the partner and increases the desire to do more dancing! And when mis-steps happen, as they inevitably will, partners often unknowingly hurt each other.  Perpetuating the same mistakes builds up pain, fear, and resentment. If not addressed in time, partners may start to avoid each other and may eventually contemplate a break up of the partnership. All this can be avoided by taking corrective measures right away. It shows care, respect, and commitment to the partner and the relationship.

In a couple’s session with me, you and your partner will learn and practice ways to:

•       ...​ correct ineffective communication patterns that perpetuate disagreements and conflicts

•       ... increase feelings of intimacy, respect, and affection with your partner

•       ... remove barriers that create disconnect, loneliness, and stagnancy

•       ... foster a heightened sense of empathy and understanding within the context of the relationship

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